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4.9m x 4.9m Welding Manipulator, 16' x 16' Welding Manipulator


MN16-100: 16′ x 16′ Column and Boom Welding Manipulator

Load Capacity: 250 lbs
Boom Stroke: 192"
Column Stroke: 192"
Boom Traverse Speed Range: 5-120 in/min
Mast Traverse Speed Range: 5-120 in/min
Travel Car Speed: 5-120 in/min
Power Requirements: 480 V, 3-ph (430 V Option Available)
Equipment Mass: 9,500 lbs


Welding Power Source Options: Submerged Arc (SAW), MIG, or to customer specification
Input Power Options: as per standard spec or to customer requirements
Upgrade Controls: full integration to LJ welding positioners or turning rolls through HMI touchscreens and master PLC
Customizable with full integration capabilities for most existing mainstream welding equipment

Available Accessories

Camera Systems
Seam Tracking
Power Sources
Flux Systems
Travel Car
Cross Slides

Column and Boom Manipulator CAMERA SYSTEMS

The Xiris XVC-O Weld Camera monitors and records all open arc welding processes including MIG, MAG, TIG, Plasma, Laser and Stick welding.
Processes can be viewed remotely (40 m / 130 ft. away), providing live images of the torch, weld area and material during standard and high-power welding conditions.
The XVC-S Weld Camera provides a real-time view of the sub arc welding process from ground level.
Housed in a rugged enclosure the XVC-S, features single or dual crosshairs, can act as a set-up tool to position the welding torch or provide a means to adjust the welding position or parameters during the process.

Welding Manipulator Camera, Xiris XVC-O Weld Camera
Welding Manipulator Camera, Xiris XVC-O Weld Camera
Welding Manipulator Camera, Xiris XVC-O Weld Camera

Column & Boom Welding Manipulator SEAM TRACKING

ISLS-on-Spiral-OD-1200x891.jpgn laser vision tracking, a laser sensor is positioned a short distance ahead of the welding torch.
Before column boom welding begins, the sensor will search for a feature, the weld seam for example, and make two or three measurements to identify position and orientation.
Triangulation is used for measurements therefore some kind of physical feature is needed for the laser sensor to take measurements.
In boom-and-column welding, a physical feature can be a gap, mismatch, an edge, etc.and depending on the sensor, even very small features (around 0.2mm) can be tracked.
A comparison is made between the measured position of the feature and a pre-taught position and if there is a difference, correction co-ordinates are sent to the slides or to the controller positioning the robot to place the weld manipulators torch correctly at the start of and during welding.
This results in welds of higher quality that are always in the right place.

Column and Boom Manipulator Power Sources

Any style of welding head including SAW, FCAW, CMT, MIG, or other; integrated with Lincoln, Miller or Fronius.

Miller Welding Manipulator
CMT Welding Manipulator
Lincoln Welding Manipulator

FLUX Recovery SYSTEMS For Column and Boom Welding Manipulators

For all submerged arc processes, flux delivery, recovery, and heating (drying) options available to customer requirement.


Manual or powered track drive.

CROSS SLIDES For Column & Boom Manipulators

Fully programmable oscillator, compact/small bore, or regular powered 6″”x6″” cross-slides.

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