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40 Ton Welding Turntable, 40 Ton Low Profile Welding Turntable


40-Ton Low Profile Welding Turntable (Floor Turntable) TRN40-100

Load Capacity: 80,000 lbs (Centered Load)
Footprint: 120" x 120" x 44"
Table Size/Span: 120" diameter
Power Requirements: 480 V, 3-ph
Rotation Speed: 0.05–1.2 RPM
Ground Capacity: 800 Amps (1500 or 2000 also available)
Equipment Mass: 12,350 lbs

Available Accessories & Options

Hand Pendants: bidirectional with digital readout (Cabled); wireless style available (>110V models only)
Foot Switch: forward/reverse standard; variable speed style available on request
Work Holding: Grippers, chucks, or specialized fixtures
Options: Input Power Options: as per standard spec or to customer requirements
Custom Table Size: to customer requirements
Ground Capacity: 200Amp, 400Amp, 800Amp, or 1500Amp
Upgrade Controls: HMI touchscreens, full integration to an LJ welding manipulator

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