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MIG Welding Boom Mount

MIG Welding Boom


Ideal for busy shops where floor space is limited, tripping hazards are a concern, and maximum operator on-arc time is required.
Manual GMAW (MIG) processes that are otherwise difficult to reach are made convenient using LJ's innovative WSM-200 MIG Welding Boom.
Often used as a standalone process, or as a convenient root weld pass system for heavy wall tanks or vessels prior to submerged arc fill passes.

Standard Features:

Adjustable lifting eye, adjustable drag brake sets boom resistance, customizable boom mount, integrated cable management channels, boom knuckle lock, hitch pin height adjust, (2) equipment mounting locations, adjustable drag break sets column rotation resistance, column lock, concrete-filled counterweight base with forklift pockets on all sides.

Area Coverage: 16' or 4.8m
Max Working Height: 110"
Max Boom Height: 141"
Vertical Adjustment: Up to 32"
Max. Boom Reach: 195" (16.25')
Base Dimensions: 65" - 74"
Capacity: 250 lbs
Working Length: 195"

Additional Options:

Oxy/Fuel cutting torch- mount on the end for cutting and beveling pipe.
Mig torch-for welding pipe.
Plasma Torch-cutting and beveling and gouging pipe.
Automate with an LJ welding positioner or turning roll set for optimum productivity.

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