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SubMerged Arc Structural Steel Beam Welding Gantry


SubMerged Arc Structural Steel Beam Welding Gantry

Beam Welding Gantry Typical Max. Deposition Rates* 


Single Weld Head Dual Weld Head
Single Wire Up to 20 lbs/hr Up to 40 lbs/hr
Twin Wire Up to 26 lbs/hr Up to 52 lbs/hr
Gantry Horizontal slide travel 42"
Gantry Vertical slide travel 58"
Maximum Workpiece Dimension 120" height 
Boom Traverse Speed Range 5–120 in/min
Mast Traverse Speed Range 5–120 in/min
Travel Car Speed 5–120 in/min
Beam Welding Gantry Power Requirements 480 V, 3-ph
Welding Gantry Standard Features

Dual independent submerged arc welding systems (typically 2 x 1,000 AMP)

Dual independent flux delivery & recovery systems to customer requirements.

Servo controlled rack and pinion drive system, 2 digit linear speed precision and up to 35 ft/min travel speed.

Operator's chair and HMI console.

Powered cross-slide system for fine tuning of weld heads.

Rail system with cable and hose management (typically up to 120 ft or to customer spec)

Gantry Options

Joint Seam Tracking - tactile (mechanical probe) or vision (laser)

Camera Systems - with monitors & recording capabilities

Preheat Systems - Induction heating or flame heating

Welding Power Source Options: Submerged Arc (SAW), MIG, or to customer specification

Input Power Options: as per standard spec or to customer requirements

Upgrade Controls: full integration to LJ welding positioners or turning rolls through HMI touchscreens and master PLC

Beam Welding Gantry System Description, Explanation & Benefits

LJ Welding's gantry systems are for longitudinal welding of long structural beams and built to order for every customer.
Welding gantry systems come complete with two welding stayions, weld seam tracking, camera systems and torch adjustability.

Customizable Welding Gantry Work Area and Footprint

LJ's beam welding gantry has customizable work area and footprint options.
The working area width and heights are customizable to your shop requirements. The gantry itself's width, height and rail length is also customizable to your shop requirements.

Customizable Welding Gantry Standard Features

Seam tracking systems can be either mechanical using a probe or vision laser seam tracking.
Your choice of between dual 1,000A submerged arc typically set up in twin or tandem wire mode, but can be sized to customer requirements.

Optional Beam Welding Gantry Features

Choose between flame preheat systems or induction.
MIG or CMT welding systems.

Deposition Rate Range for LJ's Beam Welding Gantry

For single wire and single weld head, deposition rates of up to 20lbs an hour can be expected.
Twin wire on a single weld head allow for up to 26 lbs per hour deposition.
Single wire using dual weld heads allow for up to 40 lbs per hour deposition rates.
Twin wire using dual weld heads take deposition rates up to 52 lbs per hour.

Welding Gantry Controls

Choose between HMI or custom options, submerged arc or open arc camera systems, and probe or laser seam tracking systems.

Welding Gantry Supports

Select from a complete line of modular supports for structural steel, pipe and vessels, up to 120,000 lbs (60-tons) and more.

Welding Manipulator Options for Gantry

Specify onboard twin or tandem SAW, MIG or CMT configurations, flux recovery and heating system.

Beam Welding Gantry Benefits

Increase Throughput - Maximize welding deposition rates for SAW, MIG or CMT welding of long horizontal welds.
Built For You - The welding gantry gets built to your shop specs.
Improve Profitability - Reduce incidental welding rework issues.
Greater Precision - Welding precision up to 0.0039 of an inch (1/10 millimeter).
Safety - Minimize overhead crane use and improving operator comfort.

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