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8 Ton Pipe Alignment Rolls / 8 Ton Pipe Alignment Rollers / 8 Ton Pipe Alignment Rotator

8 Ton Pipe Alignment Rolls, 8 Ton Pipe Alignment Rollers, 8 Ton Pipe Alignment Rotator


8-Ton Track Mount Pipe Train Roll 8TS-100/8TS-200

Load Capacity (Driver & Idler Set): Driver: 8,000 lbs (4 ton), Idler: 8,000 lbs (4 ton)
Diameter Range: 4"-48"
Shipping Dimensions: 67" x 39" x 31¼" (lowest setting)
Height Range: 23½"–39½" (from track to top of wheel)
Tractive Effort: Dual Drive, 4,800 lbs tractive effort

Output Torque: 24,000 in-lbs output torque
Power Requirements: 208 V, 3-ph
Rotation Speed: 5–50 in/min
Traverse Speed: 4–80 ft/min
Equipment Mass: Driver 1,400 lbs, Idler 750 lbs

Available Accessories & Options

Variable speed, AC drive with hand pendant and foot switch
Modular design accepts either flat feet or flanged casters for mounting to manual or powered track mount systems
Input Power Options: 110–600 V, 50 or 60 Hz
All Our turning rolls available with digital speed readout calibrated to inches/min or mm/min for precise welding speed control

Optional Slide Support Rollers Available:

side Support Roller
side Support Roller

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