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2.5 Ton Pipe Rack Jack

Pipe Rack Jack


Base material: anodized high tensile aluminium
Beam height: 100 – 320 mm
Beam width: 100 – 320 mm
Maximum load: 2500 kg
Operating temperature: -40°C to +100°C
Lifting height: minimum 150 mm
Own weight: 24,3 kg
Dimensions: 926 x 278 x 120 mm
CE approved
Conform acc to 2006/42/EG standard
Invented, developed and made in Belgium


Big V:

Pipe rack jack

This attachment with a broader base, which is also lined with cellular rubber, provides optimal protection of the pipe.
Also suitable for insulated pipes.
Technical data of the cellular rubber:

Central Support:

Pipe rack jack

With this option, the Pipe Rack Jack is fixed so that it is possible to load the spindles differently and independently.
Lining up and welding together 2 pipes.
Sawing away a damaged part of a pipe and replacing by a new section.
To avoid damaging the profile, it’s necessary to take care the difference in load of the spindles doesn’t become too big.
See the chart below for the maximum allowed difference in load in relation to the thickness of the vertical flange of the profile.


Thickness vertical flange in inches Maximum difference in pounds
1/8 42
5/32 65
3/16 94
7/32 127
1/4 166
9/32 210
5/16 260
11/32 314
3/8 374
13/32 439
7/16 509
15/32 585
1/2 665
17/32 751
9/16 842
19/32 938
5/8 1039
3/8 374

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