14 Ton Pipeline Cradle

Product Code: PRC-1224

PRC-1224 offers a load capacity of 14 tons with a diameter ranging from 304.8 mm – 609.6 mm / 12″ – 24″.

14 Ton Pipeline Cradle Specifications

Description: 152.4 mm – 304.8 mm / 6-12″ Rolli Cradle 304.8 mm – 609.6 mm / 12-24″ Rolli Cradle 609.6 mm – 914.4 mm / 24-36″ Rolli Cradle 914.4 mm – 1219.2 mm / 36-48″ Rolli Cradle
Load Capacity. 7.5 ton capacity (6,803.89 kg) 14 ton capacity (12,700.6 kg) 25 ton capacity (22,679.6 kg) 31 ton capacity (28,122.7 kg)
Diameter Range: 152.4 mm – 304.8 mm / 6″ — 12″ pipe 304.8 mm – 609.6 mm / 12″ — 24″ pipe 609.6 mm – 914.4 mm / 24″ — 36″ pipe 914.4 mm – 1219.2 mm / 36″ —48″ pipe


Load Capacity 12,700 kg / 28,000 lbs
Diameter Range 304.8 mm – 609.6 mm / 12″ – 24″ Pipe
Standard Features -One size handles a wide range of pipe sizes

-Multiple polyurethane rollers spaced equally to support the pipe evenly eliminating damage to the pipe

-Designed for quick disassembly for transit and storage

-Heavy duty polyurethane rollers eliminate pipe exterior/coating damage

-Pipe can be kept close to the ground for easier pipe handling during installation

-Effective method for supporting and rolling pipe at the entrance of pipeline crossings. The cradle safely supports, guides, and protects the pipe.

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14 Ton Pipeline Cradle Product Information

Our pipeline cradles are used as an effective method for supporting and rolling pipe at the entrance of pipeline crossings installations.

Pipe Stand’s cradle safely supports, guides, and protects the pipe from any damages. By using a pipe cradle with heavy-duty polyurethane rollers instead of a pipeline cradle support with the traditional steel rollers, the pressure on the pipe is proportionally distributed and the risks of damaging the pipe coating and egging problems are prevented. This is also due to multiple polyurethane rollers that are spaced equally to support the pipe evenly.

The polyurethane rollers on PRC-100 easily move over the weld seams and do not hang up, which is time-saving and makes the process more efficient. The use of high-quality materials within the design results in maximum performance. Furthermore, our pipe cradles, including PRC-100, and HDD roller slings are an effective way to move pipe. Finally, our pipe cradles are designed for pipeline installation projects, where pipes can be kept close to the ground for easier handling during installation.

Pipe Stand’s polyurethane wheels on PRC-1224 (PRC-100) do not deform under the load of the pipe, as the high mechanical strength of the material easily sustains the pressure that is associated with the weight of the pipe. The special damping characteristics of the rollers ensure that the vibrations from the external environment and the frequency are gradually reduced and the system stays in the equilibrium position. PRC-1224 offers a load capacity of 14 tons with a diameter ranging from 304.8 mm – 609.6 mm / 12″ – 24″.

If you are looking for a pipeline cradle with different load capacity or diameter range, make sure to check out PRC-612 (7.5-ton capacity), PRC-1224 (14-ton capacity), PRC-2436 (25-ton capacity), or PRC-3648 (31-ton capacity).

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Manufacturer Information LJ Welding Automation

Pipe Stand is Australia’s leading distributor of LJ Welding products, from Pipe Stands, to Cable Reel Rollers, and everything in between.

LJ Welding Automation based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, has been delivering top-quality welding positioners, vessel rotators, pipe and tank turning rolls, and welding automation equipment to the welding and fabrication industry for decades.

All equipment from LJ Welding Automation CSA/UL certified in-house in their CSA-compliant facility (CE certifications available on request). Equipment is APEGA certified (Engineering), with a full engineering department including a variety of professional Mechanical Engineers, CAD Technicians, Controls & Computer Programming engineers.

3D SOLIDWORKS modelling is used to create 3D drawings for customers to view prior to custom manufacturing and their state of the art facility utilizes robotics and full CNC machining centres to maximize productivity, which is returned in value to customer through lower production costs.

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