Pipe Stands: Introduction

Pipe stands, also known as pipe support or pipe hanger, are elements that move the weight of the pipe to the support structures. The weight is all the mass of the pipe itself and the importance the pipe can carry, and all fittings attached to the pipe and the pipe coverings, like insulation.

The primary roles of pipe support are to anchor and guide the shock and support a specific load. Pipe supports used for low or high-temperature applications might include insulation materials. The design of a pipe depends on the bag and operating conditions.

2 Ton Pipe Stand

2 Ton Pipe Stand bears the following specifications. It’s also referred to as the 4,000 lb. 2-Ton Roller Stand (Short) HD2L-200U. It has a capacity of 2 tons. The diameter ranges from 2” to 48 inches, and the height is 600mm to 990mm. The shipping dimensions are 78x80x 70 cm (top of the wheel) with a weight of around 64 kg.

These features are offered within this 2 Ton Pipe Stand. The modular design can accept flat feet, v track, or roller wheels and can be customized with tops that include multidirectional rollers, V-rollers, custom-made rollers, or sawhorse tops.

4 Ton Pipe Stand

This 4 Ton Pipe Stand bears the following specifications. It comes with the 8,000 lb Height Adjustable Pipe Stand SHD-750. The load capacity is 8000 pounds. / 4 Ton. The diameter ranges between 2,” and 48 inches, and the height is between 14” and 26 (top of the wheel) (top the wheel) can be adjusted by increments of 1′.

The options available are modular designs that can accept flat feet v track or roller wheels. They are equipped with custom tops, such as multidirectional rollers, v-rollers, custom-made rollers, and sawhorse-style tops.

8 Ton Pipe Stand

8 Ton Pipe Stand has the following specifications. This 8 Ton Gear Elevated Stand UHD-200 is equipped to carry 8 tons. The width ranges from 8” to 48 inches (up the 60” mark is now accessible) while the width ranges from 30” to 42. The dimensions of the shipping are 43″x 51 29 1/2 ” – 41 1/2 ” (top of the wheel), and the weight is 531 lbs.

The choices are modular and can be used with flat feet, v track or roller wheels, and customized tops, including multidirectional rollers, rollers, customized rollers, and sawhorse-style canopies.

2000 LB & 4000 LB. / 1 & 2 Ton Multi-Directional Pipe Stands

2-Ton Multi-Directional Pipe Stands come with these specifications. It can handle loads of 2,000 pounds. and 4,000 pounds. / 1 & 2 Ton. The diameter is 2” to 48”, and the height range is geared towards 6” with an electric drill. The dimensions for shipping are HD2-300 or HD2L200. The compatibility can be changed using HD2-300 or HD2L-200.

The standard model specification is for general height in terms of footprint, weight, and height. There are various options, including spring-loaded roller casters with easy mobility and multidirectional tops, which are bolt-free and can be used with regular roller wheels to ensure the best performance.

1 Ton Conical Pipe Stand

They are your most efficient solution for running pipes through trenches, structures tunnels, and structures without damaging the coating of the pipe. Its specifications for the 1-ton Conical Pipe Stand are as the following. It can handle a load of 2,000 pounds. Or 1 Ton, and the dimensions range from 2” to 32”.

The range of height is 24”-36″, the footprint is 26 3/4 ” 20,’ and the dimensions are 24”-36 inches (adjustable) with a weight of 95lbs. You can choose spring-loaded rollercoasters for effortless mobility, urethane cones that protect, and a guide pipe.

Modular Tripod Stands

TS3-280V Heavy Duty Tripod Pipe Stands

Tripod pipe stand with TS3-280V provide helpful support when light and portable support for lines is needed. When welding, the pipe needs to remain stable on the ground. The vee top of the TS3-280V standard allows the operator to weld without any restrictions. Furthermore, it requires finely threaded pins to lock with threaded height adjustment to ensure increased security.

Another benefit of the TS3V-280V is its height adjustment which allows operators to increase or decrease pipes to the same height as the work area, which isn’t difficult to do. When the pipe is brought parallel to the position of work, it’s much simpler to manage the square face-off and avoid any issues with alignment.

The capacity of the load can be substantiated by an increase in productivity and efficiency since certain manual tasks can be prevented. Additionally, the tripod stands to safeguard the pipe coating from damage.

The Tripod Pipe Stand TS3-280V can carry 2.5 tons, a diameter between 2” and 28 inches with height adjustment from 28” up to 44”. Additional fittings included in the customer’s request include roller wheels, multidirectional roller ball transfers, vee-rollers, flat rollers, self-leveling feet, vee, rail-mounted casters, and swivel-style swivel-style, and caster.

TS3-160V Heavy Duty Tripod Pipe Stands

Tripod pipe stands, such as TS3-160V, can be used when light and portable pipe support stand is needed. The tripod stand TS3-160V is secured through pins and threaded with fine height adjustment to ensure safety.

The main benefit that TS3V160V gives is the height adjustment which allows users to raise—placing the pipe in the same direction as the working position makes it easier to adjust the pipe to create an even face-off and ensure that there are no issues with alignment. The load capacity increases effectiveness and productivity by removing manual tasks. In any welding process, the pipe has to be stable and secure.

Additionally, tripod stands will also shield the coating of the pipe from getting damaged. The Tripod pipe stand has a capacity of 2.5 tons, a diameter range between 2” and 28 inches, and height adjustment ranging between 16” and 25 inches.

It comes with roller wheels that can be used in multidirectional roller ball transfer, including vee-rollers and flat rolling with self-leveling feet. Rail mount casters, as well as swivel-style wheels.

TS3-330V Heavy Duty Tripod Pipe Stands

Tripod pipe stands using TS3-330V are extremely helpful when a lightweight and portable pipe support stand is needed. The tripod stand is locked through pins and threaded height adjustment for greater security. In any welding process, the pipe must be stable and secure in its position. A tripod with a vee-top is a standard feature that allows welding without any restrictions.

Another benefit of TS3V330V is the ability to adjust the height, enabling users to increase or decrease the pipes to the same height as the area of work, saving time and effort. When the pipe is brought parallel to the work location, it’s much easier to set the right height and get an even face-off and avoid any issues with alignment.

The capacity of the pipe’s load confirms the increase in productivity as well as efficiency since certain manual tasks can be skipped. Additionally, our tripods will also guard the pipe’s coating from damage.

Tripod pipe stand TS3-3330V is equipped with a load capacity of 2.5 tons, a diameter range between 2” and 28′ and height adjustment from 33” up to 56”. It comes with roller wheels, multidirectional ball transfer and vee-rollers, flat rollers, self-leveling flat feet, vee or rail mount casters, and swivel-style wheels.

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