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The Welding Cobot Table System by LJ is a perfect fit for small manufacturers who need quick deployment, flexibility and ease of use at a low cost

Purple engineering Industry Leaders

We supply a wide range of heavy duty Pipe Stands, Pipe Roller Stands & Pipe Rollers equiped with Urethane Rollers from our Perth and Brisbane distribution centres.

Delivered Australia wide our Pipe Stands are height adjustable & the roller heads are interchangeable.


The team at Pipe Stand have years of experience in the field. With industry experts you'll get the solution that meets your needs. 



We pride ourselves on the quality of goods we supply and have searched the world for Pipe Stands and related products that meet our quality standards, and the needs of the Australian market.


Supply of a complex product is of no use without first class service.

Our team are ready to assist before, during, and long after purchase.



We spent years developing relationships across the globe to ensure we can bring the best products in at the best prices.

And if you need something special? We're always happy to help.

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Purple Engineering provides a wide range of Pipe Stands & Heavy Duty equipment. With our expansive range and industry connections it is likely that we have the product you are after or know who in the market has it.

Please call us or use the "Request a Quote" form and we can confirm if we have the item you are searching for.

Purple Engineering is an Australian based company and we have a wide range of equipment for Onshore & Offshore Pipeline, Oil & Gas and Power Generation industries.

Please Email us the specifications of the item you require & we will confirm the availability.

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Purple engineering Quality & Durability

Our Pipe Stands are height adjustableand the roller heads are interchangeable.

We supply a range of Pipe Stands that are modular & highly customisable to ensure you get the right solution for your needs.

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