Welding Cobot Table System

The Welding Cobot Table System by LJ is a perfect fit for manufacturers who need quick deployment, flexibility and ease of use at a low cost.

Welding Cobot Table System Specifications

Reach 51.2 in (1300 mm)
Payload 27.55 lb (12.5 kg)
Footprint 60in x 48in x 96in
Weight 1120lb (508kg)
Fixturing Table Size 60″ x 48″ W/ 5/8″ Tooling Dowel Holes
Travel Speed 3.3 ft/s (1m/s)
Cobot Universal Robots UR10e
Power Source Miller Invision 352 MPA (Air-cooled) or Miller Invision 450 MPA (Water-cooled)
Power Requirements Cobot control panel: 120V, 15A, 60HZ

Miller Power Source: 480V, 3-ph

(Optional: 230V, 3-ph or 600V, 3-ph)

Safety Emergency Stop Integrated

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Welding Cobot Table System Product Information

  • Ideal for Small Volume & High Mix Applications
  • Flexible & Easily Deployed in any Environment
  • Reduce Labour & Eliminate Repetitive / Dangerous Tasks
  • Provides a More Productive and Safer Work Environment
  • Easy to Set Up & Program with Minimal Training Required
  • Reduce Inventory Costs by Eliminating Costly Tools
  • Built-in Safety Features Ensuring Workers’ Well-Being
  • Easy to Relocate in Shop to Improve Productivity & Workflow

Introduce welding automation to your production environment and realize robotic automation’s many benefits and versatility with the LJ Cobot Welding Table. Without increasing your workforce, the LJ Cobot will allow your operation to grow while retaining skilled workers and allowing them to work with modern, cutting-edge technology.

LJ Cobot Welding offers simple-to-use, consistent accuracy, very high efficiencies and lower delivery costs which will increase productivity and profits while minimizing waste and failed quality tests. In addition, LJ Cobot Welding offers a smaller footprint that can be easily relocated and reconfigured in your shop without requiring complex safety infrastructure compared with traditional robotic automation.

With the decreasing influx of new welders into the job market, small manufacturers are looking for flexible automation solutions that can be deployed quickly and do not carry a lot of financial risk. Innovative companies are finding new ways to automate their processes to grow without relying on more labour. This tech-savvy adoption attracts skilled workers who want hands-on experience with cutting edge technology. At LJ Welding, one of our many goals is to provide the small manufacturers with the means to easily implement automation into fabrication, maximize productivity, and mitigate the inevitable labour shortage.



 Market Industrial Robot COBOT
Avg. Price Range (US dollars) $150K-$300K US $80K-$100K US
Avg. ROI 18 months 9 months
Mfg “Sweet Spot” Large volume / Low mix or high arc on time applications Small volume / High mix applications
Target Customers Med – heavy mfg Job shop – med mfg
Avg. Consumable Usage $15K/year $7K/year
Other Processes Welding only Welding & cutting
Training 5 days classroom / 5 days on shop floor 1 day on shop floor
Part Fixturing Dedicated, expensive Flexible, lower cost
System Portability Low High


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Manufacturer Information LJ Welding Automation

Pipe Stand is Australia’s leading distributor of LJ Welding products, from Pipe Stands, to Cable Reel Rollers, and everything in between.

LJ Welding Automation based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, has been delivering top-quality welding positioners, vessel rotators, pipe and tank turning rolls, and welding automation equipment to the welding and fabrication industry for decades.

All equipment from LJ Welding Automation CSA/UL certified in-house in their CSA-compliant facility (CE certifications available on request). Equipment is APEGA certified (Engineering), with a full engineering department including a variety of professional Mechanical Engineers, CAD Technicians, Controls & Computer Programming engineers.

3D SOLIDWORKS modelling is used to create 3D drawings for customers to view prior to custom manufacturing and their state of the art facility utilizes robotics and full CNC machining centres to maximize productivity, which is returned in value to customer through lower production costs.

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