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Purple Engineering provides a wide range of Cable Drum Rollers both for Purchase & for Rental in Australia.

Our Cable Reel Rollers are designed & made in Canada with focus on safety in operation.

Pipe Stand’s cable reel rollers and cable drum rollers are used for rolling large cable spools, for payout, unwinding, and take-up of heavy cable.

Pipe Stand’s cable drum roller stands improve the process handling and unwinding heavy cables which put an ease on operators while working. The design of the cable reel roller is focused on safety for the operator with a large bearing surface. This helps to prevent crushed fingers and also keeps the cable from becoming damaged as it pays out.

Operators will find that they can work more efficiently and with less strain on their bodies when using the reel rollers. This is important for companies who want to improve their safety records and also decrease the amount of workers compensation claims that are filed.

Pipe Stand’s reel rollers are a top quality product which are affordable, reliable, and safe. So why wait? Get in touch with us today and see how our cable spool rollers can help you!

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